What’s My Why

What is it that I love to do, that makes time disappear? How did I find and harness my passion? What creative ways can I think of to monetise it online? I made a long list of all the activities that I love to do. Then I explored each one. People engage in diverse hobbies and interests. It could literally be starring me in the face and I wouldn’t even know it! I needed to find that niche.

Taking the time to clarify what you want to achieve imprints positive imagery into your subconscious in order to kick some serious butt and make it happen. Here’s some of the things I’ve identified that I love to do.

  • Write high quality content and design crisp clean images for social media accounts, blogs and websites, maintaining a consistent element focus across all touch points. Do not deviate from your business focus, no matter how tempting.
  • Encourage community input to reap the benefits of including everyone in the process.
  • Instil pride and encouragement into the team I work with.
  • Help businesses strategize marketing plans and assist in their implementation.
  • Develop good data collection processes and provide useful data cleansing services.
  • Implement database marketing methods and use them effectively to engage authentically with each audience member.
  • Work with other business service providers to form a collective alliance, collaborate for the benefit of everyone.
  • Make myself available, feel useful and appreciated,
  • Develop multiple lines of income via retail, tourism and industry.

My story is complex and like a roller coaster ride, with many ups and downs, emotions and experiences. As a teenager, I knew everything…of course. I was a nerdy student who took 3 units of economics and worked in a family business in her spare time. By the time I was in Business School at University I had developed a computerised inventory system using a database program. This might not sound like much, but we’re back in 1984 remember.

After University, I took a trip overseas to Canada and lived and worked in Whistler. This was the best time of my life. I was free in an atmosphere of vibrance, freshness and vigour. I felt alive and in awe of the beauty of the mountains. Forever wishing I’d never left.

By 31, I was a married mother of 3 girls and running a successful 3rd generation family business, awarded for excellent customer service and record sales within the industry. I endured nine store relocations and futile negotiation drama with large corporations, and whilst I am proud of my achievements and efforts, it was all in vain. There are many lessons I have learned, and things I would do differently had I the opportunity.

Personal assets and material things came and went. I suffered depression, melanoma and breast cancer in the years to follow. Some of which I still manage today. In my down time, I read, read, read. I take in over thirty business books each year and enrol in courses, attend workshops and have always been learning, knowing one day I would find my passion.

I choose not to look back, only forward. Looking back only does my head in! I promise authenticity always, and make no apologies for my weaknesses, as they are what makes me stronger in the end. Did I also mention I’m deaf? Yes, I struggle everyday to maintain a level of concentration most people don’t need to attain. That’s probably why I prefer to communicate online or with the written word, I have much more confidence and control over those situations.

I started an Instagram page early in 2016, and made a decision to change my life. I need to be surrounded by my tribe. Those of us who find great strength in being in the mountains, facing life everyday with gusto and determination, happiness and purpose. My page has expanded to other social platforms now, and it makes me happy. My decision to live and breathe mountain air has changed my life.


Authenticity and the Journey

As an aspiring online entrepreneur, my driving force is gratitude; I live and breathe appreciation. I use new rules in Marketing, based on consciousness and authenticity. Gone are selling and pitching, welcome the greater good!

Th number one key is to be myself. Being authentic and open minded, non-judgemental and free. Suffice to say I love it!

At the start of my new journey, a close friend gave me some wonderful advice…start small, stand tall. This was exactly what I needed to hear, and it become my tagline, so I would remember each day to keep moving forward with pride. I needed to stop procrastinating and overcome the need to be perfect, to stop waiting for the right moment. I needed to just put one foot in front of the other, start small and always keep my head held high with that pride and dignity I so often cower behind. But now, to let it be my strength, to follow it and use it to push forward, no matter what. To always follow my goals with that no matter what philosophy and make shit happen.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

So I stopped thinking that I woulda coulda shoulda and now think there is no try, only do … I should really quote Yoda there 🙂 Now I find ways to make my ideas become reality.

Life always has ways of testing you, throwing obstacles in your path. Fatigue has toppled me after a course of radiation therapy. Last year I had two breast cancer operations and then radio, so I know … more limitations, but hopefully I’ll see the end of it soon. It’s been months now, and while I’ve cleared up on the surface, I’m still extremely tired all the time. But, what’s not to like about an afternoon nap right? I definitely have ideas dancing around in my head when I’m resting, typical creative stir crazy stuff. Sometimes I feel like Patrick Jane [Simon Baker] from The Mentalist, lying on his very own work couch, thinking and solving cases from a horizontal position. It’s hardly timely when your brain starts to conjure the solution to problems from your subconscious, or what that persons name is (that you couldn’t remember before) or what you forgot to add to the shopping list.


A Change for the Better

Conscious marketing a change for the better

A new age of media has evolved into the present. Like many other would be conscious marketers before me, I have become aware. The existence of this very post on it’s own shows the great power it holds. Previously, this is a tale that would not have been told, not in a million years. I was too engrossed in the same old same old; busy, plugging and pitching and pushing, for me to see the new changes that were necessary for me to take. Changes that would enrich my life and open my eyes. Changes that would allow me to love my work and feel proud of what I do. Changes that make my life meaningful and to become someone who is appreciated and who is grateful for the people around her.

As I stand here with the sun on my back writing, I become excited again to finish what I start, finally feeling the passion to succeed rather than losing the will to … well you know, I’m not even going to say it.

In my old life, I was Managing Director of a multi-outlet 3rd generation retail business. I had been awarded many times for my business specialty and customer service; we were an iconic business with great history and a respectable reputation.

After University some 30 years ago, where I studied Business Marketing, I steered the team through many ups and downs. I felt like a leader bird ahead of the flock, bearing the full brunt of the wind force ahead and deflecting it off of the wings of my team. It was challenging and rewarding, co-ordinating my daytime family with my real life family (consisting of my husband and our three girls).

Recently I have been soul searching, looking for my WHY. Why do I need to do what I do? What is it that will make me happy? I try to triangulate the concepts of what I’m good at with what people will pay me for and what they need. And I hope I’ve found it.

The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

I know I’m “good” at a lot of things, I’m very adaptable and versatile. I do have personal limitations which I work hard to overcome but should not hold me back. Only perhaps in fear do they exist, so I push past this and face forward, onward. That which I speak of is my hearing disability. I am profoundly / severely deaf. However, two things are in my favour. First, I was four years old when I contracted measles causing my deafness, so I had already learned to speak clearly. Secondly, is the absolutely amazing technology of the hearing aid. I have a special one for each ear, and while I’m a candidate for a Cochlear implant, I operate at a good level with my aids. I might just say though, that I consider waving your hands around in the air to get my attention to be downright rude. Regardless of my shortcomings, I do have a level of pride and dignity and deserve to be treated like everyone else. So a polite tap on the arm or an excuse me would suffice, please and thank you.


Facing Forward

I’m standing in the backyard swimming pool of my parents house. This house has been my home for the past three years or so. Prior to that, we all lived well and without little, but the GFC and circumstances changed that. I hung on for as long as I could, even after I could in person, pushing my family business into the daylight without a leader; a mistake I know but at the time, severe depression had the better of me.

I was strong in the beginning, and I know I can be strong again, at least that’s what I tell myself. I have endless experiences to draw on and skills that flow freely when I flourish. So confidence isn’t usually the problem, fear is.

There have been many many new world marketers, motivators and mentors which have helped me overcome this rude obstruction. Helping me to see that it holds no substance, or warrants no attention. The strength needed to overcome my fear has been immense and honestly too much to conjure at times. But with constant daily encouragement from special people in my life, I feel now is the time for me to move, to no longer sit and procrastinate, but to do.


In this Day and Age

Mark Joyner, Founder and Chairman of Construct Zero (www.constructzero.org)

The cool thing about today’s new media starts …. is that many of them understand there is more money to be made in sharing their secrets with you than locking them away. They don’t care that you can become their competitor – because the online world is just too big to care anymore.

To date the world population is 6.8 billion … only 1.8 billion of those people are online, and around 150,000 new people are coming online every day. Barring bandwidth costs, you could contact each and every one of them for free. Converting a tiny fraction of them into your customers could set you up for life.