Marketing is Broken

It’s made us stressed, broke, and sad. Fat, lonely and stressed. It’s made a society where more is believed to be better, to have over have not. The more we own, the more we desire. It’s caused us to live unhappy complex lives. Basically, we are living a monumental lie. I delight in enlightening you, there IS enough to go around, there is NO great urgency, and NO you don’t really need it.

The challenge is for the graphic designer [marketer] to turn data into information and information into messages of meaning.

Katherine McCoy

Consumers [who invented that word anyway?] are victims of unconscious binge marketing. Just think about it, companies messages screaming at you through the radio or TV, adding to the ad noise already over the airwaves, trying to convince you in some obnoxious way to buy something you don’t really need because it is $5 cheaper than it was yesterday. Seriously? And we fall for it. Dumbass.

Authentic and conscious behaviour will reward genuine businesses with purpose. They will attract true and loyal fans who hold genuine interest and need for their products. Don’t force it. Stay true to your brand, be yourself and be authentic. The rewards will be worth it. You will live a life of purpose, true to yourself and your colleagues. Stop polluting and start behaving honestly and ethically, and with integrity. Aspire to operate and behave like your mentors, but never allow yourself to be threatened. Create a unique approach to business that you can be proud of. Find your passion, that thing you do that causes you to lose time, that engrosses your concentration until you discover that hours have passed at the speed of light.

There is no denying that advertising is created for the sole purpose of manipulation. It uses every trick in the book to convince you to buy something you may or may not need. But making sure your message is meaningful, ethical and honest, presented with integrity and oozes your true self isn’t easy, but it can be done. Humans are born with creativity beyond measure, it just takes a little effort and courage to use it for good.

21st Century Marketing Paradigm

The 21st Century marketing paradigm reflects a customer centric mindset that turns marketers into healers where our role is to cue, restore health, soundness and spiritual wholeness.

Guest speaker, Raj Sidodia at the launch of Conscious capitalism Australia, brought on many a ha moments for his disenchanted old school marketing audience. Dissatisfied with plugging products for the greedy and senseless. There must be more, we can’t continue to consume like we have been, just buying and selling ourselves silly. Things must change for the sustainable future for the very existence of our children’s children et all.

So I call you out, those who refuse to acknowledge the need to change. What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do? Are you not creative enough to discover within yourself the incredible capacity to heal the world through new age marketing? Look inside, trust your instincts and be guided by your intuition. Do what is right for the world and its future. Develop products for need, find the sustainable alternative, make them last and be good, not disposable and irresponsible. Join forces if you will, with other companies and businesses as a way to create a much better life for generations to come. Before it’s too late.

Doing well is a result of doing good. That’s what capitalism is all about.

Ralph Waldo Emerson